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Spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue on the US Government's Presidential Report on the "Tibet Issue"


Q: The US government recently submitted to the Congress a presidential report on the "Tibet issue" according to the relevant stipulations of the "Fiscal Year 2003 State Department Authorization Act", expressing the hope that the Chinese Government would resume dialogue with the Dalai Lama as soon as possible. What is your comment?

A: It is known to all that Tibet is part of China and the Tibetan affairs are the internal affairs of China. The US side's submission of the presidential report according to its domestic law and making imprudent remarks on the Tibetan affairs have violated the basic norms of international relations and the three Sino-US joint communiques. It is an interference in China's internal affairs. China is strongly opposed to this.

The Chinese Central government's policy towards the Dalai Lama is clear. So long as he really abandons his stand for "Tibet's independence", stops activities aimed at separating China, declares in public that he recognizes Tibet as an inalienable part of China, and recognizes Taiwan also as an inseparable part of the Chinese territory, we can have contact and talks with him.

We ask the US side to honor its reiterated commitment of recognizing Tibet as a part of China and not supporting "Tibet's independence", and stop interfering in China's internal affairs by making use of the Tibet issue.
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