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Spokesperson's Remarks on the 4th International Conference of Tibet Support Groups Held in Czech


Q: The Fourth International Conference of Tibet Support Groups was held on October 19thin the Czech Republic. What's is your comment?

A: Recent years, the Dalai Lama Group, by using various tricks and chances, has been engaged in activities of splitting China and pushed for the internationalization of the Tibet issue in order to create conditions for the "independence of Tibet". The conference is just one of its tricks. China opposes the fact that countries having diplomatic ties with China provide any convenience or venue for the Dalai Lama's splitting activities. China lodged solemn representations with the Czech side prior to the conference. The Czech Foreign Ministry reiterated that it adhered to the principled position that Tibet is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory and the Czech Government would not interfere in China's internal affairs. The Czech Foreign Ministry also made a commitment that the Czech Government leaders would not attend the conference. China appreciates the Czech Republic's commitment, but still regrets the convention of the conference there.

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