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Russian journalist: I saw happiness from Tibetans' eyes


2009-02-27 || From: China Tibet Information Center

Maria Chaprytina from Russia News published an article on February 26 to express her opinion about her trip to Tibet.

Currently, I went to the Tibet Autonomous Region for an on-the-spot report. Lhasa is really amazing! It is not enough for me to enjoy everything there as four days are really a little short for my stay.

This is my first travel to Tibet. Before my departure, I read large amount materials about Tibet and the beautiful sceneries on photos really express me deeply, but actually, the true Tibet is more wonderful than my imagination. In the very beginning, I was really worried about the plateau sickness when I arrived in Lhasa, but fortunately, I felt really good after leaving the airplane and the first impression about Lhasa is the blue sky. Indeed, that was the bluest sky I have ever seen.

I had abundant topics for interview and I also managed to find time for visiting the local market. The local people were really nice to me and they showed their pleasure to chat with me. I can feel that they live a happy life just from their eyes. The Tibetan people like their current life and just upon this point, I think the Chinese government has made great effort. I interviewed a former serf and he told me that life had changed a lot after the Democratic Reform in 1959 and he can have enough food; he can drink milk tea and more important, he has freedom now.

There is another interesting matter. A Lhasa official told us that though Lhasa citizens live a wonderful life and they still have the tradition to save up money. A common-dressed guy on the street may be really rich. So, the local government has a special task to lead people to learning how to consume.

I also paid visits to Lhasa Railway Station and Lhasa Airport. The newly-built railway station is grand. Lhasa is a modern city and the supply there is sufficient and commodities are also very cheap.

It is easy to meet people in ethnic costume in Lhasa street and some women coil their hair to preserve local culture by this way. Of course, the young people like to dress up just like those in Beijing.

(Translator & editor: Sophia Zhang )

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