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Australian councilor: "Achievements in Tibet for everyone to see"


2009-03-18  ||  From: People's Daily

"Tibet has made achievements in various fields," said Michael Johnson, Member of the Australian Parliament, in Canberra recently.

His remarks are as follows:

"In early November 2008, I traveled with two Australian reporters to China's Tibet Autonomous Region for four days of interviews."

"Lhasa was so beautiful! Against the blue sky, white clouds and white snow, the Potala Palace appeared grand and majestic. With fragrant delicacies, bright-colored Tibetan dresses and Tibetan songs lingering in my ears, I was attracted to the unique charm of the Tibetan culture."

Michael Johnson, Member of the Australian Parliament, photo from People's Daily.

"Tall buildings in the city sent a message of a modern metropolis, seemingly telling the world that Tibet was developing forward. During our stay in Lhasa, we visited a school equipped with complete facilities such as computers and libraries. We also had in-depth exchanges with locals and obtained a lot of valuable information regarding the local development situation in Lhasa. The world needs to know the colorful and modern Tibet."

"Following efforts made over the past decades, Tibet has made achievements in various fields. This includes social, economic and environmental developments that are for everyone to see."

(Translator & editor: kristen zhang )


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