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Tibet: Past & Present

Exhibition on Tibet's past, present held in Beijing
Exhibition testimony to progress in Tibet
Exhibition visitors impressed by Tibet's changes
Tibet exhibition impresses envoys
Tibet exhibition impresses envoys
  • Exhibition on Tibet extended
  • An exhibition in Beijing telling Tibet's past and present, which is scheduled to end on July 25, will be extended indefinitely at the request of the public.
  • Exhibition on Tibet extended
  • 'Tibet's Past and Present' highly praised
  • Postive comments numerous on China's Tibetan exhibit as visitor numbers exceed 100,000
  • The 11th Panchen Lama visits exhibition on Tibet's past and today
  • Date: April 30th-July 25th
    Time: 9: 00 am- 16:30 pm.
    Place: Cultural Palace of Nationalities
    of Beijing
    Free of charge for tourists
    The 55th Anniversary of the Peaceful Liberation
    March 14 Lhasa Riot
    Olympic Torch Relay onto Qomolangma
    A herder's leg was cut off
    A hungry child lying in the street
    Slaves were forced to do farmwork
    A herder's right arm was chopped off
    A elder lyiing on the roadside
    A sert whose eyes were gouged out
    Serf born in cowshed
    Living in room without roof
    This is a 25-minute-long documentary portraying life of people in the autonomous region between 1951 and 1959, a period when Tibet was still under a feudal system. Stories are told in the documentary to show that old Tibet was a feudal serfdom but not a "Shangri-la"...
  • Some statistics about serfdom in Tibet
  • The Serfs' miserable life
  • The oppression of the serfs by manorial lords
  • The serfs' economic burden
  • Tibet to gear up hydropower resources to reduce carbon dioxide emission
  • 'Liao Dongfan Tibetan Folk Culture Series' holds publishing ceremony in Beijing
  • Torchbearer Cege: Decade's love with Fuwa 'Yingying'
  • 1st 'Sagya Dawa Festival' after March 14 riots
  • Improved environment in Lhasa
  • Chosgron says she dosen't regret for following the footstep of Chinese Communist and she thanks this great Party for its contribution towards Tibet.
    "I’ve never regretted for my choice of getting back to my hometown."
    "Religious life is flowering!":A real Tibet in a Finn´s eyes
    "I see different Tibet": French hotel tycoon tours region by bike
    Tibet is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory since ancient times, so how can it be lightly comminuted?
    -Gao Liangzuo, Chinese apple tycoon, top adviser of China's "one country, two systems policy"

    It is indeed a good and successful exhibition, from which we saw the world-shaking changes and social progress of Tibet.
    -A teacher

    Tibet will always be a part of China. Without the lead of the central government and the support from all over China, Tibet could not be as good as it is now.
    -Visitor Wang Jiaonian

    I have ever been to Tibet in 1956. Today, I was so excited after visiting the exhibition. The feudal serfdom of Tibet is unpopular among all Chinese people and the separatist activity is doomed to fail.
    -Hu Yi.

    Tibet has undergone fine-new changes after Tibet's peaceful liberation. In the old Tibet, people were living in poor which is in sharp contrast with present happy life. Tashi Delek!!
    -Cheng Hao

    See new Tibet with your own eyes.
    -Wang Peng, chief editor of Chinese Dictionary

    Blood Old Tibet! Warm New Tibet! History can not repeat itself.
    -Li Ping

    Only can the socialists of the Communist Party of China well construct Tibet. Please remember the history, cherish what we have and strive for a better future.
    -A veteran Party member

    I visited the exhibition together with my husband, we support the Beijing Olympic Games and strongly oppose to any Tibet separatist activity.
    Retired Veterans Yu Yahui and Wang Peisheng

    I think such a good exhibition should also be held in foreign countries so as to open a window for foreigners who may know little about Tibet and even China.
    -Zhang Pingsheng

    If you haven't known the cruelty of heel, have a look at the old Tibet while by contraries, the new Tibet will give you the concept of fairly land.
    -A visitor

    I have been to Tibet twice in 2001 and 2006. What I saw is that there is a modern Tibet, which should attribute to the support from all over China and efforts from Tibetan people themselves. I have witnessed the compulsory education, housing project and social progress of Tibet in my trip, which were truly displayed in the exhibition. I wish Tibet a better future.
    Ling Liping, 66-year-old

    I was shocked by the exhibition. It is unbearable for us to recall the torn and tattered past of Tibet. New Tibet which is undergoing dramatic economical development, proves that policies the central government has taken there are right. I suggest that anyone who knows little about Tibet should visit there in person, the present Tibet will help them better understand a true Tibet.
    -Sun Lefang

    All Chinese people will never agree on any separatist activity. We will struggle with those separatist activities and support the unification of our country.
    - Jiang Yi, soldier of the 1st batch girl soldiers to Tibet

    I suggest the CCTV should widely publicize the exhibition so as to enlighten more people.
    -Aid-Tibet worker from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    When I visited Tibet in 1956, Tibet was a dirty and unsanitary region, but now things have been changed remarkably.
    -Li Guangju, 80-year-old

    The exhibition covers 50-year history of Tibet. With plenty of pictures and historical materials, we prove the world that Tibet is an inalienable part of China since ancient time. History can not tell a lie.
    -Qin Keqin, Retired worker with China National Chemical Equipment Corporation

    I hope life of Tibetan people can become better and better, those miserable days they used to have will be forever shaken off. Go for Beijing Olympic Games and best wishes to all Tibetans.
    -Wang Jingyu

    With only 50 years, Tibet Autonomous Region has undergone striking changes, which should owe to the right direction of the central government and efforts from all over China.
    -Zhou Cuiping

    Thanks a lot for constructions and support the central government taken in my hometown-Tibet!!
    -Tibetan girl Zhong Xiaoxia

    Without the support from the central government and the help from all over China, Tibet could not as good as it is now!
    -Wang Donghong

    Tibet is changing with each passing day. I sincerely wish Tibet a flourishing future.
    -A aid-Tibet cadre

    50 years ago, I visited the Cultural Palace of Nationalites of Beijing for an exhibition about Tibet, the miserable life of Tibetan serfs still remains fresh in my mind now. 50 years later, I am here again, but this time I saw a new Tibet which is under well development. All material objects and pictures here show the long, inseparable history between Tibet and its motherland, telling us that Tibet is an inalienable part of China since ancient time. The so-called "Tibet independent" is doomed to fail.
    -Xue li and Da Qibin from Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi Province.

    Thank you for the exhibition to open a window for me to better understand Tibet.
    -Yin Qingchun

    I will visit Tibet someday to experience the fairly land.
    -Mr Zhang

    The development in Tibet is a heroic undertaking in the world.
    -Sun Tognzuo

    The exhibition may introduce more about Tibetan Buddhism and the cruel serfdom in the old days of Tibet.

    I remember there was a good movie Serfs which was a very good illustration of that dark period.

    We wish more people to learn about a true Tibet.

    When I was young, there was an exhibition about Tibet in this same Cultural Palace of Nationalities, with varieties of contents on display.

    We cannot bear any kind of cheating on history, smearing black as white, or foiling people's chances of learning about a true Tibet.
    This is a good exhibition at the right time for the right people. Wish this exhibition fares better and gets more chances to be displayed all over the world.

    I suggest that we should add more explanations on historical facts, especially on things which are being widely misunderstood, with more related relics, for better effects.

    The exhibition like "Tibetan Buddhism" should be a permanent one. It is good for the people who haven't been to Tibet. We hope the permanent exhibition could be an educational site - for the purpose of unity of all ethnic groups.

    Why did the Dalai Lama allow cruel punishments such as stripping human skin and gouging out the eyes? Does the West want to restore such "human rights" in Tibet?

    Those old days are gone. We will not permit any kind of abuses on the excuse of "protecting human rights".
    Don't be fooled by those shameless hypocrites.

    We have been a good family in the past five decades since the peaceful liberation of Tibet. We wish the harmony to last forever.
    Facing challenges of global warming and other environment crises, we should cherish Tibet more.

    Fifty years ago, when I visited the same place to see an exhibition about the rebellion in Tibet, I was deeply shocked by the cruelty of serfdom. Now I come here again to see how history proves that Tibet was, is and will be always a part of China.

    We support our government to safeguard our territory. We are strongly against any kind of secessionist activities.

    It is every Chinese's responsibility to keep China a unified country. We hope more people know the truth.
    Tibet Sertdom
    Tibet Buddhism
    Theocratic System
    Protection of Tibetan Culture
    Connecting with the world
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