Consulates General

Chief of the Section: Mr. Zhu Haiquan (Minister-counselor)

Tel: 202-4952172


Fax: 202-2440931

Functions: Responsible for the research and analysis of world politics, economics, security situation, international relations and global and regional issues; responsible for the research and analysis of U.S. domestic policy, foreign policy and economic situation; responsible for liaising with related departments of the U.S. government in the field of multilateral affairs; liaison with experts and scholars such as American research institution, think tanks, and diplomatic missions with Washington.

Chief of the Section: Ms. Piao Yangfan (Minister-counselor)

Tel:202-495-2175 Fax: 202-3631408

Chief of the Section: Mr. Yin Chengwu (Minister-counselor)

Tel: 202-4952205(Congressional affairs)

       202-4952203 (Sub-national governments and people to people diplomacy affairs)

Fax: 202-2440268

Chief of the Section: Mr. Zhong Ruiming (Minister-counselor and Consul General )

Tel: 202-4952216 (Consular Assistance and Protection)

202-3371956 (Visa, Passport, Notarization and Authentication)

Fax:202-6869814 (Consular Assistance and Protection)

202-5889760 (Visa, Passport, Notarization and Authentication)

Chief of the Section: Mr. Liu Pengyu (Minister-counselor & Spokesperson)

Tel: 202-4952220 (Public Affairs)
202-4952221 (U.S. Media)
202-4952222 (Chinese Media and the Embassy's Website)

Fax: 202-9660631

Chief of the Office: Mr. Zhang Li (Major General)

Tel: 202-2952500

Fax: 202-3381690

Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China and the United States of America

Chief of the Office: Mr. Zhu Hong (Minister)

Mailing Address

Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office

Embassy of the People's Republic of China

2133 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

Relevant Business

Trade & Investment:+1 (202) 6253358/3343/3344

Legal Affairs:+1 (202) 6253355

Inspection & Quarantine:+1 (202) 6253363


+1 (202) 3375845

+1 (202) 3375864

E-mail Address

Chief of the Office: Ms. Yang Xinyu (Minister-counselor)

Tel:202-2430681(China-US People-to-People Exchange Mechanism, Educational Cooperation with US governmental and non- governmental bodies, Chinese Language Promotion, Cooperative Projects and Mutual Visits)

202-2431165(Education Research and Public affairs)

202-2431164(Study in China, Public affairs, Accreditation and Chinese Language Promotion)

 202-2431166(Overseas students and scholars affairs,US Universities and Colleges)

Fax: 202-2430629


As a branch of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, the Cultural Office is dedicated to:
    1.Strengthening China-U.S. cultural and tourism exchange and cooperation, promoting mutual understanding, mutual learning and friendship between the two peoples;
    2.Raising awareness of Chinese culture and tourism through various cultural and tourism programs and promoting mutual learning.
    3.Providing information to American cultural and tourism entities interested in developing ties or exchanges with counterparts in China.

Chief of the Office: Mr. Zhao Haisheng, Minister-counselor for Cultural Affairs

Tel: 202-966-0697

Fax: 202-9660904

Chief of the Section: Chen Futao (Minister-counselor)

Tel: 202-4952240 (Energy cooperation and exchanges)
  202-4952242 (Environment cooperation and exchanges)
Fax: 202-3634870

Chief of the Section: Mr. Hu Zhiyong (Police Counselor)

Tel: 202-4952233

Fax: 202-6865191

Alternate Observer of China to the OAS: Ms. Yu Yue (Minister-counselor)

Tel: 202-4952166

Fax: 202-3621653


Chief of the Section: Ms. Zhang Yanling (Minister-counselor )

Tel :202-4952130