China reiterates opposition to Dalai Lama's splittist activities(12/06/07)


  BEIJING, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman reiterated on Thursday China's firm opposition to Dalai Lama's splittist activities, and cautioned relevant countries not to provide convenience to such attempts.

    "Dalai is a political exile cloaked under religion but engaged in splittist and peace-sabotaging attempts," Qin said when answering questions at a regular press conference on Dalai's visit to Italy and plan to meet with Italian political figures.

    "Wherever Dalai goes, or in what name, the issue is not personal or religious. He represents a clique trying to split the country and seeking Tibetan independence, to which the Chinese government and people are firmly opposed," Qin said.

    The Tibet issue is not a cultural or religion issue, but an issue concerning fundamental principles that have to do with China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and anti-splittist undertakings, he said.

    He said relevant countries shall discern Dalai's true motive and nature of splittist activities, and not to provide venues or convenience to such attempts by "taking into account the overall international relations".

Editor: Gao Ying
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