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Wang Yi: Disputes Should Not Be Brought to G7 Summit

On April 8, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany jointly met the press after holding the second round of China-Germany Strategic Dialogue on Diplomacy and Security in Beijing.

In answering questions regarding the relationship between the G20 and G7, Wang Yi expressed that the G20 covers the major developed and developing countries in the world. The economic aggregate and the trade volume of its member states account for over 80 percent of the globe. Compared with other mechanisms, the G20 is evidently more representative and can better reflect common aspiration and consensus of the international community. The G20 has become the most important platform for global economic governance and cooperation in today's world. As the host of this year's G20 summit, China stands ready to work with all other members including Germany to promote the success of the Hangzhou Summit, so as to chart course for and work out solutions to revitalize the world economy, excavate growth impetus, and settle major problems.

Wang Yi expressed that, before the convening of the G20 summit, the G7 will also hold a meeting. We hope the G7 can, as the G20 does, focus on the topics of economy and development, which are the biggest concern of countries across the world, so as to interact coordinately with the G20. If some countries, for political purposes, bring in the G7 summit some problems left over by history and even specific issues on territorial and sovereignty disputes, it will not only be helpless for resolving the issues, but also influence the stability in the region, which is obviously unacceptable.

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