Consulate General Spokesperson's Remarks on wrong remarks of stigmatizing China with COVID-19

Recently,certain individuals and media wrongly named COVID-19 "the Chinese coronavirus" or " the Wuhan coronavirus" without substantiation to stigmatize China with the epidemic,which is firmly opposed by us.

The origin of the virus can only be determined by science and is yet undetermined.The World Health Organization and the international community oppose intentional linkage of the virus and specific countries or regions, which is a form of stigmatization. The stigmatization will not stop China actively fighting the epidemic but will only make themselves blindfolded,giving virus opportunity to capitalize,encouraging racial discrimination and not contribute to international cooperation on fighting the epidemic.We urge relevant individuals and media immediately correct their mistake and stop making unwarranted slanders on China.

We have noticed that the stigmatization remarks have drawn strong criticism from many people with visions in our consular district.Some American politicians, scholars and journalists have voiced their opposition to spreading racism with the epidemic, commenting that China should not be the scapegoat for the spreading of COVID-19 in the US and calling for closer cooperation between the US and China.We hope that relevant individuals and media would carefully listen to these objective, rational and impartial voices.

As the epidemic spreads around the world,no country can keep itself away by racism and the right move should be working hand in hand.China will continue to uphold the spirit of a community with a shared future,act in an open, transparent and responsible manner to strengthen the international public health cooperation and do our utmost to help relevant countries in light of their needs.We will work together with Americans and people all around the world to refute rumor by science,conquer panic with reason and defeat virus through unity.