Consulate General Spokesperson's Remarks

Some media said that this pandemic was avoidable. It happened because China hid the truth about what was happening from the rest of the world. What is your response?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, the Chinese side has acted in an open, transparent and responsible manner and provided timely updates on the outbreak to the World Health Organization (WHO) and relevant countries including the United States. China has released the genome sequencing of the virus at the earliest opportunity. China is sharing control and treatment experience without reservation and doing its best to support and help countries in need. In the past two months, the Chinese government and people have made arduous efforts and great sacrifices, which has been widely acclaimed by the international community.

The facts speak for themselves. Health authorities and epidemic experts in China and the US have been in touch on the evolvement of COVID-19 globally as well as bilateral cooperation on control and treatment. Since January 3, China has been notifying the US side of epidemic developments, prevention and control measures on a regular basis. On January 23, China announced suspension of outbound public transport from Wuhan. When the US government announced the denial of entry by foreigners who had visited China in the past 14 days on February 2, only about 10 confirmed cases were reported in the US. It is China's responsible efforts and sacrifices that bought the precious time for the US, as well as the whole world.

As the pandemic is spreading rapidly, no country can face the pandemic by going it alone. It's time for solidarity and cooperation. At present, the situation in China is trending steadily towards a positive direction. While guarding the domestic defense against the pandemic, China is also doing our best to provide assistance to other countries in need. Chinese enterprises resume work and production orderly and are working overtime to help other countries in urgent need of them to fight the pandemic.

President Xi Jinping recently took a phone call from US President Donald Trump and said that China has been keen on international cooperation against the outbreak. The current situation requires solidarity and cooperation between China and the US. The Chinese side will continue to share information and experience with the US without reservation. Chinese provinces, cities and businesses are sending medical supplies to the US. China appreciates the current difficulties the US faces and is willing to help as its ability permits.

As far as the Chinese Consulate General in New York knows, some provinces and cities in China donated medical items to their sister states and cities in our consular districts. Chinese companies also made donations actively. Chinese communities are devoted to fighting against the pandemic locally. Chinese Consulate General is actively coordinating these donations and procurement. We will continue to provide necessary convenience and assistance.

Stephen S. Roach, a senior fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute once said that fixating on scapegoats is apparently much easier than taking a long, hard look in the mirror. We hope that instead of evading responsibility and adopting double standards, some US media can shoulder the responsibility, take an objective and fair attitude to create more positive atmosphere for enhancing international cooperation and safeguarding international public health security.


We noticed that some US anchors continue to say "China Virus" though president Trump does not use this word. What is your response?

Since the outbreak, some mainstream US media turn a blind eye to China's efforts while deliberately linking the novel coronavirus to China and diverting responsibility, which exposes certain people under the risk of racism and violence and hurts the feelings of the Chinese people.

First of all, origin-tracing of the virus is a complicated matter and there is no conclusion yet. We should rely on professional views from the science community. WHO and the international community explicitly object to linking the virus with specific countries or regions, or seeking stigmatization.

Second, standing against racial discrimination is extensively acknowledged in the US and has become an international consensus. UN Secretary-General António Guterres said "It is shameful to see increasing acts of racial discrimination and prejudice as we fight the COVID19 pandemic - a crisis that affects us all. We must always fight racism & prejudice, and promote respect, compassion & equality." As the COVID-19 is a common enemy for human beings, the guiding consensus for all countries is to join hands and overcome difficulties together. Pointing the finger at others is certainly not constructive.

We urge that some media "talk the talk, walk the walk". The virus knows no borders and ethnicity. It can only be defeated by the concerted efforts of all mankind.We are willing to work with the US and the larger international community to jointly win the battle against the pandemic and safeguard the global public health security.