Remarks by the Spokesperson of The Chinese Consulate General in New York

New York Post: Secretary Pompeo yesterday said that diplomats in the China's New York Consulate were engaged in behavior "more akin to what spies are doing". How does the consulate respond?

Spokesperson: The Chinese Consulate General in New York always acts in accordance with international law and bilateral agreements between China and the US and has been promoting mutual understanding, cooperation and friendship between the two countries. There has never been any "espionage" activity and the accusation is nothing but vicious slander.

In 2019, trade in goods between China and the ten states in our consular district accounts for about 15% of that between China and the US. The number of Chinese students studying in our consular district approximates 150,000. The number of tourists from China to NYC rises to 1.1 million. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, people from all works of life in China and Americans in our consular district have helped each other, further deepening friendship between the two peoples. The US side deliberately distorts normal exchanges between the Consulate and its consular district with the false accusation, which is obviously groundless and unpopular.