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Consul General Huang Ping Met with Head of China AIDS Fund

On May 29, 2019, Consul General Huang Ping met with China AIDS Fund's honorary chairman Su Mengna and her delegations, discussing further promoting nongovernmental exchanges and cooperation between China and the US.

Huang Ping welcomed China AIDS Fund to the Consulate General and highly appreciated how the members of China AIDS Fund adhered to the splendid traditions of showing diligence, wisdom, and courage of the Chinese people. While creating their own careers overseas, the members of China AIDS Fund maintain solicitude to the home country, help people in need, and continuously care for the development and construction of their ancestral hometown and country. It is also admirable for them to generously give aid to the ailing orphans and poor children in the Liangshan Area of Sichuan Province. These philanthropic acts not only support the kids to establish their determination to overcome the difficulties and to self-improve continuously but also sow the seeds of love and hope in their hearts. Since the reform and opening-up 40 years ago, China has made tremendous progress in poverty alleviation and has lifted more than  760 million people out of poverty. According to the agenda set up by the Chinese government, poverty reduction should be totally achieved by 2020. Huang Ping hoped that everyone will continue concerning and supporting poverty alleviation cause in China. The Consulate General would be willing to cooperate with everybody to facilitate global poverty reduction and to promote building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Huang Ping said that 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-US diplomatic relations. The exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in various fields have been deepened and the convergence of interests have been more diversified. These achievements are inseparable from the efforts of the overseas compatriots. The healthy and stable development of China-US relationship aligns with the fundamental interests of the two countries and their people. Numerous overseas Chinese in the United States are looking forward to an enduring friendly relationship between China and the US. Chinese civilization is inclusive. It is symbiotic with other civilizations, and the inheritance of it has never been interrupted. There has never been the so-called "clash of civilizations" between China and others. The members of the China AIDS Fund mainly are successful entrepreneurs, doctors, and educators. They have extensive contacts with the local people and contribute to the nongovernmental exchanges between the two countries. They are believed to play a more active role in enhancing mutual understanding between the two countries' people in the future.

Su Mengna thanked the Consulate General for its care and support for China AIDS Fund. She also said that the Fund would continue working on charity projects such as the one at Liangshan Area of Sichuan Province as well as contribute to the poverty reduction in China. In recent years, China AIDS Fund has also devoted energy into helping new Chinese immigrants, caring for the growth of the overseas Chinese teenagers, giving back to the local community and showing the voice and strength of overseas Chinese.

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