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Recalling the China-US Diplomatic Relations in the Past 40 Years and Looking Forward to a Better Future

On July 6th, China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPNR) New York together with New York Chinese-American community held the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-US Diplomatic Relations Reception & Photo Exhibition at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel. Consul General Huang Ping, the former Senior Partner at McKinsey Peter Walker, Charles Sullivan, President of Premier Event Management, delegates of Yeshiva University Chinese-Jewish conversation project, representatives of overseas Chinese delegations, professionals and scholars from multiple ethnic groups, etc., attended this event. More than 300 people reviewed the extraordinary progress of China-US relationship during the 40 years and called for promoting China-US friendship together.

In his speech, Huang Ping said that he was glad to see so many friends from all walks of life and ethnic groups attending this event. He thanked them for their concern and support for the development of China-US relations. He briefly looked back into the unusual history of China-US relations over the past 40 years and said that the development of China-US relations has brought great benefits to the two countries' people and effectively promoted the world's peace, stability, and development.

Huang Ping said that Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump meet with each other in Osaka, Japan on June 29. They exchanged views on essential issues concerning the development of China-US relations, current trade frictions between the two countries and international and regional issues of common interest. The two presidents steered the direction of bilateral relations in the next stage and agreed to jointly advance a China-U.S. relationship featuring coordination, cooperation, and stability. Xi Jinping said that the US-China relationship is the most important bilateral relationship in the world. Looking back into the 40 years since the establishment of China-US diplomatic relationship, both the international situation and bilateral relations have undergone tremendous changes. However, the fundamental fact has remained constant: the two countries both benefit from cooperation and hurt from a fight. Cooperation is better than friction, and conversation is better than confrontation.

According to Huang Ping, the important consensus reached by the meeting has pointed the direction for the development of bilateral relations between China and the US. Now, we should act together to implement the following consensus. First, we need to enhance mutual trust and avoid misjudgment. China is not an enemy of the United States, nor is it a security threat or a strategic adversary. China has no intention of replacing the United States. Second, we should set our trade relations back on the right track. Both sides should consider how to stabilize the situation and shape positive market expectations. Third, we should stop putting obstacles for people-to-people exchanges. There are nearly 400,000 Chinese students and scholars in the US. Many Chinese students choose to work here after graduation. They should be seen as assets to US society instead of potential threats. Fourth, we should more actively cooperate on global issues and jointly address problems like global climate change and terrorism.

Huang Ping said that strong support for China-US friendship could be felt in the ten states in his consular district. Three weeks ago, the New York State Senate passed a resolution to set Oct 1st, 2019 as the China Day and to recognize the first week of October this year as the Chinese American Heritage Week. In the past three months, Yale University, Columbia University, Cornell University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology have declared statements supporting an open and fair environment for international cooperation and reaffirming their commitment to promoting normal exchanges between China and the US. Today's celebration once again proved that a well China-US relationship is a common wish of the two countries' people. Over the past 40 years, while making valuable contributions to the local economy, the overseas Chinese have also played a vital role as a bridge between the two countries' people-to-people contact. He hoped that they will continue contributing to China-US friendship.

Ma Yue, Chairman of CCPPNR New York, said that the establishment of CHINA-US diplomatic relations not only had a profound influence on the two countries but also changed the lives of many people present. All of them are participants, witnesses, and beneficiaries of China-US relations. He hopes they will broadly exchange opinions and make accordant endeavors to offer wisdom and strength to the development of bilateral relations.

In his speech, Peter Walker said that he has engaged in dialogues and cooperation with the Chinese people for a long time. Chinese culture emphasizes harmony, cooperation, and collectivism, which is different from the individualistic culture of the United States. If you have ever been to China, you will find that the China you learn from the media is different from China you see with your own eyes. Charles Sullivan said that despite the current difficulties in China-US relations, he believed that after the storm comes the sunshine, and after the rain comes the rainbow. He said that the relations between the two countries will surely move forward in the right direction.

Professor of Yeshiva University and counselor of Chinese-Jewish conversation at Yeshiva University Huang He, Former NYPD Deputy Commissioner and celebrated lawyer Hugh H. Mo, Co-Chairman of the China Federation of Eastern America Liang Guanjun, art director and conductor of the Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA Fang Fei delivered speeches respectively. From the perspectives of education, culture and other fields, they expounded on the development of China-US relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties 40 years ago and looked forward to making collective efforts to contribute to China-US friendship.

With great interest, the guests viewed more than 60 pictures on display and perceived the great progress of China-US exchanges and cooperation in various fields over the past 40 years.

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