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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on US Sanctions against Bank of Kunlun

By invoking its domestic laws to impose sanctions against the Chinese financial institution, the United States has seriously violated norms governing international relations and hurt China's interests. China hereby expresses its strong dissatisfaction and opposition and will make solemn representations with the US from both Beijing and Washington.

With normal state-to-state relations, China and Iran have normal, open and transparent business cooperation in the energy and trade areas. Such cooperation has nothing to do with Iran's nuclear program, is not in violation of any UN Security Council resolutions or other international norms, and does not harm the interests of any third party. China's position on non-proliferation is consistent and clear. That is, it firmly upholds the international non-proliferation regime, and is committed to pushing for the proper resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue by working with all other parties concerned, the US included. However, in disregard of China's concerns, the US has kept imposing sanctions against Chinese companies and banks, which will hurt China-US cooperation.

China urges the US to immediately correct its wrong action, revoke its groundless sanctions against Bank of Kunlun and stop doing anything that will harm China's interests and China-US relations.

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