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Address by Consul General He Wei at the Welcome Reception

(April 14, 2017)

Respected representatives of the three levels of the Canadian government,

Dear colleagues from the consular corps,

Chinese community representatives,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening!

Today is Good Friday, and the first day of the long weekend. I am very happy and grateful that you have made it to this reception today. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Toronto is the fourth post in the 21 years of my diplomatic career. I feel deeply honored to come to this beautiful country, and make my own contribution to China-Canada friendship and the welfare of the Chinese community.

As you may be aware, in just last month, the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference were concluded. One of the significant signals about the two sessions was that, China will continue to maintain the strong momentum of the economic and social development through a series of deepening reform measures. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you 4 figures and their implications. First, China contributed more than 30% to the global economic growth in 2016, which means that China is still a powerhouse for the global economy. Second, consumption accounted for 64.6% of the GDP growth, indicating that China's economy has shifted to a more domestic demand driven model and the expanding market of China will provide more business opportunities worldwide. Third, China has set its 2017 GDP growth target at around 6.5%. It is the New Normal of China's economy to maintain a stable and healthy medium-to-high speed of growth, and the economic structure will be further optimized. Fourth, China will establish 7 new Free Trade Zones, pointing to a new round of deepening of reforms and further opening up in full swing, and China's economic potentials will be further tapped.

China's development provides opportunities to the world. Moreover, it is the shared opportunity for China and Canada. We are glad to see that the bilateral relations are uttering in a new Golden Era. Last year, the Prime Ministers of China and Canada successfully exchanged visits within a month. The high-level exchange mechanisms have been gradually launched. Cooperation in various fields is carried out comprehensively. Pragmatic cooperation will be the top priority of the development of our bilateral relationship. In this context, Canada's joining the AIIB and the launch of exploratory talks on FTA are viewed with historic significance. As the leader and the engine of the development of China-Canada relations, Ontario and Manitoba are expected to grasp the prime opportunities, and write more outstanding chapters of the friendly and practical cooperation between China and Canada.

Over the years, the local Chinese community has been a valuable treasure and important resource to the continued development of China-Canada relations. I would like to thank you all for the relentless efforts in this regard. I hope that you will continue the efforts integrating into the mainstream society, devote your talents to the development of Canada's economy and multicultural society, and as the bridge and bond, make more contributions to the understanding and friendship of the two peoples.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Posted in Toronto, I will focus, together with my colleagues, on two aspects. One is to roll up our sleeves and go full speed ahead with our work. We are going to seize the great opportunities for the bilateral relations, and with the joint efforts of friends of all sectors, to push forward more pragmatic cooperation between China and my consular area, bringing tangible benefits to the two countries and the two peoples. The other is to try the best to provide quality service to the overseas Chinese. We will continuously implement the concept of putting people's interests first and conducting diplomacy for the people, constantly enhance our capacity, spare no effort to safeguard the legitimate interests and rights of our citizens and enterprises, and provide quality and efficient services to the overseas Chinese.

Finally, I would like to propose a toast,

To the prosperity of China and Canada, and the happiness of the two peoples,

To the long-lasting friendship between China and Canada,

To the health and happiness of all the friends here,


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