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An Online Exhibition of the Centennial History of the Communist Party of China

July 1st, 2021 marks the centenary of the founding of the CPC. The 100 years of the Party are a period during which it has stayed true to its original aspiration and founding mission, worked hard to advance its cause, and been groundbreaking for the future based on its achievements.

After the Opium War, due to the invasion of Western powers and the corruption of feudal rule, China was gradually reduced to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. In order to change the fate of being enslaved and bullied and to realize the dream of national rejuvenation, countless dedicated patriots pressed ahead against the odds, trying to find a way out for salvation and survival, but failed to change the miserable fate of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. The salvoes of the October Revolution brought China Marxism-Leninism. This gave a direction to the Chinese progressives who were struggling to find a way to save the country and the people, and the CPC was born therein.

Under CPC leadership, the Chinese people have achieved great victories in revolution, construction and reform.The fact fully testifies that the leadership of the CPC is the correct decision made by history and the people, and has won wide support from the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Opinion polls by authoritative international organizations show that Chinese people's satisfaction with the Chinese government under the leadership of the CPC has exceeded 90 percent for years in a row.

Through photos, this exhibition presents a panoramic view of the glorious journey of the Chinese nation, which used to endure so much for so long, from standing up, growing rich to becoming strong under CPC leadership. We hope this exhibition will help people from all walks of life in Ontario and Manitoba learn more about the CPC and understand the real China.

Please view the exhibition through this link:

100th Anniversary

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