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Deputy Commissioner Hong Xiaoyong


Mr. Hong Xiaoyong was born in March 1961, Jiangsu province.

Graduated From Peking University.


1984--1985 Department of Asian Affairs Affairs, MFA

1985--1989 Attache at the Chinese Embassy in Japan

1989--1994 Third and Second Secretary of the Department of Asian Affairs 

1994--1998 Second Secretary at the Chinese Embassy in Japan

1998--2004 Second and First Secretary, Deputy Division Chief and Division Chief of the Department of Asian Affairs, MFA

2004--2005 Counsellor of Chinese Mission in United Nations

2005--2007 Counsellor and Division Chief of the Department of Asian Affairs, MFA

2007-2008 MInister Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in Singapore

2008-2011 Deputy Director-General of the Department of General Affairs and Assitant to Foreign Minister

2011--     Deputy Commissioner of the Commissioner's Office in HKSAR





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