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Le Yucheng: China Will Not Give up Its Successful Path


Speaking at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations Forum 2019, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng commented on the so-called disappointment expressed by some people that China had not followed a development path of their design. He said that to expect China to do so is nothing but wishful thinking in the first place. It only reflects their savior-of-the-world mindset and sense of superiority. It shows that they are used to their condescending practices to control, lecture, and mold others. They do not have the least respect or sense of equality for other countries.

China does not believe in copying other countries' development paths. We hope to learn useful experiences and practices from others, and cultivate mutual strengths. But we will absolutely not do simple copy-and-paste, or become reliant on others. After all, their path is not perfect, and it has its own problems and challenges. If they take it as their China policy goal to change the path and direction of our development, they are bound to fail and feel disappointed.

China's path has worked. It is correct in theory and effective in practice. It has delivered unprecedented achievements for the country. Everyone can see it with their own eyes. This is a path that has the full endorsement and support of the Chinese people. Why should we give it up? Why on earth should we change course?

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