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Wang Yi: China Plays Unique and Constructive Role in Reaching Comprehensive Agreement on Iranian Nuclear Issue


On July 14, 2015, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Six Countries and Iran on the Iranian Nuclear Issue. At the meeting, all parties reached a comprehensive agreement on resolving the Iranian nuclear issue, and after the meeting, Wang Yi gave an interview to Chinese and foreign media on this matter.


Wang Yi expressed that as the negotiation on the Iranian nuclear issue has come to an end today, the 13-year marathon has finally been finished, therefore today is a day of historic significance.

Wang Yi pointed out that the most important achievement of the comprehensive agreement is that the international nuclear non-proliferation system is safeguarded. Iran made a political commitment not to develop nuclear weapons and the commitment was cemented with a binding international agreement by all parties. Meanwhile Iran is given the legitimate right to peacefully utilize nuclear power, and Iran and all parties have turned over a new page in their relations.


The most important significance of the comprehensive agreement is that it reflects a multi-win and win-win spirit. As the Iranian nuclear issue is very complicated and bears on the immediate interests and even core interests of all parties, the comprehensive agreement would be hard to reach and could not last long without a multi-win and win-win spirit.

The most important revelation of the comprehensive agreement is that political solution should be adhered to. No matter how difficult and complicated the problem is, political solution will be the only practical and feasible way out. The comprehensive agreement provides the international community with a beneficial practice on resolving major disputes through dialogue and consultation and will serve as a positive reference for coping with other international and regional hotspot issues including the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, which are important meaning carried by the comprehensive agreement beyond the Iranian nuclear issue itself.


The main challenge facing the comprehensive agreement is whether or not it could be effectively implemented. Reaching the comprehensive agreement is just a beginning and its implementation still needs a ten-year process. During the process, all parties should firstly build and cement mutual trust which is the foundation for carrying out the agreement. Meanwhile they should earnestly fulfill their own commitments to practically implement various stipulations in the agreement so that the agreement could play its own role in safeguarding world peace, pushing regional stability and improving relations between all parties concerned.

Wang Yi expressed that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China is aware of its responsibilities and obligations to international peace and security and had always taken a constructive part in the whole negotiation process. China is not a focus of the contradiction and that enables it to carry out active mediation in a more just and objective way. Especially at some important points when the negotiation met with the difficulties and reached the deadlocks, China had actively explored ideas and approaches to resolve the problems and put forward its own solutions from a perspective taking into consideration of the common interests of all parties. It can be said that China had played a unique and constructive role and thus is highly praised and affirmed by all parties. In the next step, there are still many matters to be attended to concerning the implementation of the agreement. China will continuously make new contribution to this end with a responsible attitude.


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