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Wang Yi: China Will Play Important Role in Modification of Heavy Water Reactor in Arak of Iran


On July 14, 2015, when giving an interview to the Chinese and foreign media after the six countries and Iran reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, Foreign Minister Wang Yi noted that China will play a significant role in the modification of the heavy water reactor in Arak of Iran.

Wang Yi expressed that the modification of the heavy water reactor in Arak was one of the core issues in the negotiation on the Iranian nuclear issue. The implementation of the agreement will be confronted with difficulties and the easing of sanctions against Iran can not be advanced if this issue can not be settled. All parties concerned attach importance to this issue and hope that China could play a bigger role by bringing its own experience and advantages into full play. After discussion, all parties concerned have formulated a preliminary road map. A joint working group consisting of the six parties and co-chaired by China and the US will be set up. As China has put forward the idea of the modification of the Arak heavy water reactor, China would promote this process as initiator while enhancing communication with Iran. This is the unique role China has played in resolving the Iranian nuclear issue.

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