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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang's Remarks

Q: On April 5 EST, the US President announced that he was considering another $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. What is your comment?

A: It seems that the US side has misread the situation and taken an extremely wrong move. By doing this, the US will end up hurting its own interests. China is well prepared, and we would immediately fight back with force and without hesitation, should the US publish a list of products for the $100 billion tariff increase. We warned the US before that it should not leave anything to chances.

Q: What do you think is the nature of this so-called trade war?

A: We believe that this is a war waged by the US with its unilateralism and protectionism against multilateralism and free trade. When multilateralism and free trade are threatened, the economic globalization and the world economic recovery would be thrust into jeopardy. It is not just China's immediate interests but also the common interests of all that will be damaged. Such a grave issue we are facing calls for a determined fight of us all.

Q: If the US takes further action, what would you do?

A: The Commerce Ministry of China has made it clear that we are fully prepared to deal with any new measures the US may take, and we have in place detailed countermeasures. We said before that, even though we will not be the ones to stir up trouble, we will never allow trouble to be brought to our doorstep. We will resolutely fight back. And we Chinese people always deliver what we promise.

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