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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Further Remarks Concerning the Withdrawal of the HYSY 981 Drilling Rig


Q: The HYSY 981 drilling rig was scheduled to conclude its operation in mid-August. However, the Chinese company yesterday announced its completion of operation and withdrawal. Is that caused by any non-engineering or non-technical reason?

A: As I have confirmed this morning, the HYSY 981 drilling rig has completed successfully its operation in waters off the Zhongjian Island of China's Xisha Islands on July 15 and moved on to the project in Lingshui, Hainan as scheduled.

What needs to be pointed out is that the aforementioned operation is well within China's sovereignty. The 981 oil rig is relocated in accordance with relevant company's plan of operation at sea. It has nothing to do with any external factor. Going forward, relevant company will work on and map out a specific work plan in the next step based on a thorough study and assessment of the geological data that has been obtained from this operation.

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