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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on May 29, 2014



At the invitation of Meng Jianzhu, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Central Politics and Law Commission, and State Councilor Yang Jiechi, Security Council Secretary of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev will visit China from June 4 to 6 to attend the first meeting of China-Russia Law-enforcement and Security Cooperation Mechanism and the 10th round of China-Russia Strategic Security Consultation.

Tomorrow morning, at 10 o'clock, Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming will give a press briefing here on the 6th Ministerial Meeting of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum and take questions from the journalists. Welcome to the briefing.

Q: There are reports that Premier Li Keqiang will have a phone conversation with India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Can you confirm that?

A: As far as I know, there are arrangements for the phone call between Premier Li and his Indian counterpart. I am sure relevant information will be released very soon.

Q: Government departments of the UK are investigating GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Will China cooperate with the British side during the inquiry?

A: The judicial department in China has already started relevant investigation and is in the process of dealing with the law-breaking practices of GSK. We have also noticed that the British side attaches great importance to this case. GSK is headquartered in the UK, so we hope that both sides can keep in contact and cooperate with each other in dealing with this case.

Q: First, President Obama made a speech on May 28. He talked in particular about America remaining the global leader for the century to come. What does China think of his words? Second, Obama also called on Congress to support a new Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund of up to $5 billion. What is China's comment on that?

A: It seems that the US really enjoys being the leader of the world. However, in the field of international relations, I wonder if there also exists Paul the Octopus who can predict the future.

China once led the world for more than one hundred years in history. The rise and fall in history left us with both experience and lessons. Today, we still talk about the wisdom recorded over 2,000 years ago in a chronicle called Zuo Zhuan. It reads: some rulers can lead their states to unstoppable prosperity because they examine themselves instead of blaming others, like Emperor Yu and Emperor Tang, while some bring their reigns to swift demise because they always criticize others, like Emperor Jie and Emperor Zhou. In the textbook of China's middle school students, you will not miss a masterpiece called The Faults of Qin written by Jia Yi, a famous statesman of the Han Dynasty. Jia explained to later generations how the Qin Dynasty, once so powerful and invincible, could be brought to its knees within a short time. One sentence I will never forget is that if a country does not exercise benevolence and uphold justice, it will lose its advantage to others. Today, we keep reminding ourselves that we need to embrace the historical trend of peace, development and cooperation, and keep up with the times, because that is the only way to ensure peace, development and enduring prosperity and stability of our country.

As for your second question, China's position is consistent. Terrorism is an enemy faced by all countries around the world. The international community should enhance cooperation and jointly fight against it. Double standards should never have a place in the issue of counterterrorism.

Q: The US announced that it will put off the complete withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan to 2016. What is China's view on this?

A: We have noticed that President Obama talked about this when he made a surprise visit to Afghanistan. On the issue of Afghanistan, China always respects the sovereignty, security and territory integrity of Afghanistan. On the issue of the stationing of American troops, we believe that the US should approach this in a responsible and careful manner, so that the peaceful reconstruction and regional peace, stability and security can be boosted. We also hope that the US can stay transparent on this issue.

Q: On the issue of the US indictment of 5 Chinese military officers, has the US raised extradition requests formally to China? Are these 5 people on the Interpol's Red Notice?

A: We made it clear on many occasions that the Chinese government, military and relevant personnel have never engaged or participated in cyber theft for trade secrets. The US deliberately fabricated a story out of nothing and persisted in indicting the 5 military officers. Its actions gravely violated the international law as well as the basic norms governing international relations and greatly undermined the mutual trust and cooperation between China and the US. China firmly opposes and will never accept such indictment. We have lodged solemn representations and strong protests with the US side.

What the US has done in the field of cyber espionage, wiretapping and surveillance is known by all. Just take a look at the pool of disclosed facts. Who is losing legal and moral grounds on the issue of cyber security? I believe the whole world can be a good judge on that.

Q: You said that the US is fabricating evidence in this case. Do you have any proof?

A: China's position and attitude is serious on this issue. China resolutely opposes cyber-hacking and cyber theft for trade secrets. We are not just saying this. We have laws and regulations that prohibit such behaviors.

It is the US who should reflect on what it has done. Instead of making all kinds of excuses and twisting the facts to get away with it, one should own up to his mistakes if he does something wrong. A major power should never throw its weight around. It should leave some room for others, take into account other's concerns and show respect. If it chooses one set of standards for itself, and another for others, in other words, being lenient to itself while being harsh to others, how can it expect others to follow its leadership?

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