Li Keqiang Meets with US President Donald Trump


On the afternoon of November 9, 2017, Premier Li Keqiang met at the Great Hall of the People with President Donald Trump of the US, who was on a state visit to China.

Li Keqiang expressed that at present, China-US relations have enjoyed stable and forward-looking development. President Xi Jinping and Mr. President had many successful meetings and telephone talks. During Mr. President's visit in China, there were also fruitful talks between the two heads of state. The two countries have reached important consensus on the future plan for China-US relations and bilateral cooperation. The two countries have maintained high-level exchanges and close communication, which will inject new impetus into the deepening of bilateral cooperation and elevate China-US relations to new highs.

Li Keqiang pointed out that a pattern of economic cooperation with deeply intertwined interests had been formed between China and the US. The current positive trend in the Chinese and US economies is good news for both countries and the rest of the world. The two nations share huge potential for cooperation as China is the biggest developing country, with a vast market and rich human resources, while the US is the biggest developed country, with advanced technology and experience. Certainly, it is inevitable that there are differences and frictions, such as the issue of trade deficit the US side is concerned about. China never pursues a trade surplus with any country, and the rapid development of China-US economic and trade relations over the past decades since the establishment of the diplomatic relations has proved that China-US cooperation is highly complementary and relatively balanced. China and the US should further expand opening up to each other, and create a sound business environment that enterprises of the two countries could compete in a fair manner. China welcomes the US to expand service trade with China and increase high-tech exports, so as to better achieve mutually beneficial results through a higher level of economic and trade cooperation and by giving full play to the complementary advantages.

Li Keqiang stressed that as permanent members of the UN Security Council and important countries in the Asia-Pacific region, both China and the US have a responsibility to jointly maintain regional peace, stability, development and prosperity. The Chinese side is willing to enhance communication and coordination with the US side in international and regional affairs. It is hoped that with joint efforts of all sides including the US, the upcoming series of Leaders' Meetings on East Asia cooperation would send positive signals of focusing on regional cooperation, safeguarding regional stability and jointly advancing common development.

Donald Trump spoke positively about the outcomes of his visit, hoping the two countries to further enhance cooperation, work together to tackle challenges, and promote fair and balanced economic and trade relations, so as to push US-China relations and cooperation for more robust development.