Notice of requirements on nucleic acid tests for China-bound passengers transferring via relevant countries

I. The Chinese Embassy in UAE is making preparations for the implementation of the Joint Announcement made by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the General Administration of Customs of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on 20 July requiring China-bound passengers to obtain COVID-19 Negative certificates before boarding. The detailed information will be made available in due time through the official website and the Wechat account of the Embassy. In the meantime, China-bound passengers are not required to obtain COVID-19 negative certificates before boarding if they are transferring via countries in which the Joint Announcement has not been officially implemented. If the airline requires COVID-19 negative certificates before boarding, it is suggested to confirm with the airline directly and follow relevant policies.

II. China-bound Passengers traveling from UAE are required to take nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 in UAE and obtain valid green health codes with an "HS" mark or Health Declaration Forms before boarding if they are transferring via countries (Click here for the list: in which the Joint Announcement has been officially implemented. Airlines will check the health codes or Health Declaration Forms before passengers boarding the connecting flights to China. The health codes or Health Declaration Forms have to be obtained before travel and remain within their validity period during transfer. Passengers failed to do so may be denied boarding and get stranded. The following procedures are for your reference:

1.Nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 have to be taken in qualified local institutions in UAE 5 days before boarding the connecting flights.

2.Chinese passengers are required to upload photos of their COVID-19 negative certificates to the Wechat mini program COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version within 24 hours after they get the certificates. Green health codes with an "HS" mark will be issued by the Embassy after approval (Click here for Q&As:

3.Foreign passengers are required to send scanned copies of the photo page of their valid passports, COVID-19 negative certificates and the Health Declaration Forms (see attachment) with passengers' signatures to the following designated email address of different consular districts. Passengers’ name, passport number, flight number and itinerary have to be stated clearly in the e-mail as well. After approval, the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General will send back a scanned copy of Health Declaration Form with a stamp to the passengers by email. All passengers are required to board with printed Health Declaration Forms within the validity period and cooperate with airlines for further checking.

4.Email of the Chinese Embassy in UAE:

Email of the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai:


                                                                           The Chinese Embassy in UAE

                                                                                      July 29. 2020

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