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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Regular Press Conference on September 5, 2016

At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard of the Republic of Peru will pay a state visit to China from September 12 to 16.

At the invitation of Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam will pay an official visit to China and attend the 13th China-ASEAN Expo from September 10 to 15.

Q: What is the arrangement for Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc's visit? What is your expectation?

A: During Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc's stay in China, Chinese leaders will meet and hold talks with him, exchanging views on bilateral relations and issues of common interest.

At present, China-Vietnam relationship is going well. This visit is the first made by key members of Vietnam's new leadership. We expect this visit to further promote strategic communication between the two sides, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields, and move forward China-Vietnam relationship so as to bring more tangible benefits to the two peoples.

Q: Before traveling to the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister said that this is a golden era for UK-China relations, and she will be talking to the Chinese leadership about how to develop the strategic partnership that exists between the UK and China at the G20. What is your comment? Will President Xi Jinping meet with Prime Minister Theresa May?

A: We appreciate these positive remarks made by British Prime Minister Theresa May. Before that, Prime Minister May sent a letter to the Chinese leadership, expressing support for China in hosting the G20 Hangzhou Summit and expectation to strengthen cooperation with China on economic, trade and global issues. President Xi Jinping will meet with her later today.

China always values its relationship with the UK. The China-UK relationship has been developing with a sound momentum in recent years, with President Xi Jinping's state visit to the UK last year propelling the bilateral relationship into a new historical period. We hope that the UK will continue to uphold a positive and open policy towards China. China would like to work with the new British government, stick to the principle of mutual respect and win-win cooperation, stay on the course the two sides have charted together for the bilateral relationship, promote practical cooperation in various fields, and strive for greater progress of China-UK global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century.

Q: The DPRK launched three missiles today. What is your comment?

A: I have also seen the reports. China's position on the relevant issue is consistent and clear. At present, considering the complex and sensitive situation on the Korean Peninsula, relevant parties should jointly safeguard regional peace and stability, instead of further escalating tension.

Q: There was reportedly some kind of a "situation" between Chinese and US staff when President Obama's plane landed on the airport in Hangzhou. People are guessing what happened. What is your comment?

A: I have noted that some US media have been making an issue out of the small episode between the staff of the two sides when President Obama arrived at the Hangzhou airport, and they made flimsy connections based on speculation. I believe that these media are highly unprofessional as they fabricated news and added wild guesses to it without getting to the bottom of this issue. This would only consolidate the impression that some western media are arrogant and big-headed.

In fact, President Obama said yesterday that his visit to China had been so far very productive, and he didn't believe that what happened at the airport was a big deal. China sets great store by China-US relationship. We welcome President Obama's presence at the G20 Hangzhou Summit. President Xi Jinping and President Obama had successful and fruitful meetings thanks to the thoughtful and meticulous arrangements and preparations made by the staff of the two sides.

Whoever comes to our place is our guest, and we treat all the leaders who come for the G20 Summit with hospitality. We want them to feel our enthusiasm and goodwill. China has done its utmost to serve and provide convenience to the delegations and media of all countries. We have also tried our best to meet the requirements raised by all delegations, including by the US delegation.

However, all the large-scale international conferences and multilateral activities have routine practices and corresponding procedures to follow. As the host country, we will provide as much convenience and service as possible to the media while ensuring the safety and order of all the activities. Meanwhile, visiting countries should respect and conform to such practices and arrangements. This is common sense and what everybody does. This is also the basic protocol. There is nothing difficult to understand. Instead of taking wild guesses without knowing what really happened, some individual media should focus their attention on where it should be, like the positive outcomes of China-US leaders' meeting and the ongoing G20 Summit.

Q: ROK President Park Geun-hye met with President Xi Jinping today. She talked about ROK's position on the deployment of the THAAD system. What is your comment?

A: President Xi Jinping met with President Park Geun-hye this morning in Hangzhou. Relevant press release is now out for your reference. President Xi Jinping stressed that China is committed to realizing denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and maintaining peace and stability on the Peninsula. The Korean Peninsula issue at the end of the day still needs to be resolved through dialogue and consultation. We should take full leverage of the Six-Party Talks, address the concerns of all parties in an all-round and balanced way, strive to cure both symptoms and root causes, and realize long-term stability on the Peninsula. We oppose the deployment of the THAAD system by the US on ROK territory. This issue, if mishandled, will jeopardize regional strategic stability and aggravate rivalry among all parties. President Park Geun-Hye expressed her willingness to stay in touch with China on this issue.

Q: Regarding the launch of ballistic missiles by the DPRK, is China planning to make its position clear to the DPRK side?

A: Our position on the Korean Peninsula issue, including the missile launch by the DPRK, is very clear. We have our channels to make such position known to the relevant party.

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