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Premier Li Keqiang Speaks by Phone with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland

Premier Li Keqiang had a telephone call with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland on the evening of 16 April.

Noting that both China and Poland are facing the severe challenge of COVID-19, Premier Li expressed appreciation for the help the Polish government and people extended to China at a crucial moment in the Chinese people's fight against the disease. He said that China firmly supports Poland in containing the virus, and stands ready to share experience and facilitate Poland's purchase and transportation of medical supplies from China via commercial channels. Li expressed confidence in Poland's early victory in defeating the disease.

Premier Li stressed the high importance the Chinese government attaches to the health, safety and legitimate interests of Chinese nationals overseas, and expressed the hope that Poland will effectively protect the safety and provide for the essential needs of Chinese citizens in Poland.

Prime Minister Morawiecki thanked China for supporting Poland's epidemic response and noted the high quality of the medical supplies from China. He conveyed the hope for China's continued facilitation in the purchase, customs clearance and transportation of medical goods, and for more sharing of anti-epidemic experience. He said that Poland will take credible measures to protect the lawful rights and interests of Chinese nationals in his country.

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