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Premier Li Keqiang Speaks by Phone With European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

On the evening of 29 April, Premier Li Keqiang took a phone call from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Li said that China and the EU have supported and helped each other as COVID-19 hits the world, and China will work with the EU in a spirit of partnership to enhance exchanges and cooperation on tackling the disease and revitalizing economic growth. He expressed the hope that the EU will continue to protect the safety of Chinese nationals in Europe.

Li noted that viruses respect no borders. Both China and Europe stand for multilateralism. The EU has actively responded to the initiative of the UN and the WHO to carry out international anti-epidemic cooperation. Li expressed China's readiness to work with the EU to jointly develop and produce vaccines, drugs and diagnostic reagents, and support places with weak public health systems. Li conveyed the hope for early global victory against the virus achieved through concerted efforts of the global community.

Von der Leyen highlighted the close collaboration between the EU and China since the start of COVID-19. She stressed the imperative for countries across the globe to come together and take coordinated actions in response to the pandemic. The EU will enhance cooperation with China to beat the virus and gradually resume growth, and to jointly take part in research and development of vaccines and drugs.

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