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Ambassador Gui Congyou Exchanges Views with State Secretary and Friend of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden

In recent days, Ambassador Gui Congyou respectively had telephone conversations with State Secretary of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Robert Rydberg and friend Ambassador Kent Härstedt, and exchanged views with them on 70th anniversary of China-Sweden diplomatic relations and cooperation against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ambassador Gui first extended congratulations on the 70th anniversary of China-Sweden diplomatic relations to the Swedish side and said, over the past 70 years, China-Sweden relations achieved notable progress and friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation has been the mainstream and direction of the bilateral relations. At the 70th anniversary, it is important that we remain true to the original aspirations of the diplomatic ties, rise beyond differences in political systems and ideologies, not be affected by interferences and work together for the relations’ sound and steady growth on the basis of mutual respect, equality and non-interference.

State Secretary Rydberg and Ambassador Härstedt extended congratulations to the Chinese side on the 70th anniversary and said, the day May 9 is a special day to Sweden and China. Seventy years ago, Sweden became the first western country to establish diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China, which we are proud of. We look forward to sound growth of the friendly cooperation between the two countries in areas including business and science.

Ambassador Gui expressed sympathies and condolences on the epidemic in Sweden, and thanked Swedish companies and public for extending precious support and help to China’s response on the epidemic. Ambassador Gui said, we support the efforts by the Swedish Government and people on the epidemic, and is willing to continue to do what we can to support the Swedish side. We hope Sweden will defeat the epidemic and work and life in Sweden will soon return to normality. The Chinese side is committed to restoring and expanding practical cooperation with Sweden in trade and investment, continuing the positive momentum of practical cooperation over the years, and working with Sweden to firmly support and participate in global cooperation against the pandemic.

State Secretary Rydberg and Ambassador Härstedt said, in the face of uncertainties in the world caused by the pandemic, it is crucial to strengthen international cooperation, and the Swedish side is willing to work together with the Chinese side to this end.

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