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Embassy Spokesperson's Letter to the Economist on the Latter's Unjustified Comments on China's Policies Towards Africa and on Ethnic Minorities

The Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, recently wrote a letter to the Economist on the latter's unjustified comments on China's policies towards Africa and on ethnic minorities. The Economist published the letter on 9 March 2018. The following is the full text of the Spokesperson's letter:

"Banyan" accused China of racism based on a misinterpretation of a sketch in a televised Chinese New Year gala (February 24th). The criticisms of China's policies towards Africa and ethnic minorities, and the use of the labels "social Darwinism" and "neocolonialism", are unfounded, biased and lack respect for historical facts.

China has the longest continuous history of all ancient civilisations in the world. The standard writing of Chinese characters was already in place as early as the Qin dynasty in 221BC. Those who claim that "no standard Chinese existed" in the 19th century should have at least heard of the terracotta warriors.

China is firmly opposed to racism in all forms. Chinese culture values the harmonious coexistence between different ethnic groups and cultures. The Chinese nation itself is proudly born out of thousands of years of integrating diverse ethnic groups and does not provide a breeding ground for racial discrimination or parochial nationalism. Throughout China's history it never colonised, plundered or enslaved any vulnerable nation. In line with this peaceful tradition, China is committed to working with global partners to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

The facts speak for themselves about China's co-operation with Africa. In developing its relations with African countries, China acts on the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith, and values friendship, justice and shared interests. China is always doing its best to provide assistance to African countries, and has made a unique contribution to Africa's independent and sustainable development. The enduring and vigorous friendship between China and Africa is rooted in equality, sincerity, win-win co-operation and common development.

History is a mirror that one must look into in order to take off the spectacles tinted with political bias and get the facts straight. One should respect the history of China's development and its relations with Africa, appreciate the ethnic harmony and social stability in China and recognise that China and African countries are equal partners working for common development.

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