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· Part One: Brief Introduction of Consular Legalization(2020-09-22)
· Part Two: How to Apply for a Consular Legalization(2020-09-22)
· Part Three: FAQs(2020-09-22)
· Notice on applications for Consular Legalization via the Chinese Visa Application Service Center(2019-10-08)
· Measures for Consular Legalization
Part One: Brief Introduction of Consular Legalization

The consular legalization refers to the practice of confirming the authenticity of the last seal or signature on foreign-related notarial deeds and other certificates issued in China or relevant documents issued by other countries, performed by consular legalization agencies upon the application of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations.

The purpose of consular legalization is to ensure that a document issued in one country can be acknowledged in another country, and its legal effect outside the issuing country will not be affected due to doubts about authenticity of the seal or signature thereon.

Consular legalization does not undertake the responsibility of certifying the matters certified by the notarial deeds or other certificates, nor is it responsible for the authenticity and validity of the document's content, which shall be the responsibility of the issuing institution.

If the content of a legalized document is later changed or substituted, the consular legalization certificate will become invalid.

Documents issued in the U.K. to be used in China with certification by local Notaries Public/Solicitors and legalization by Legalization Office of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) or its authorized institutions may be legalized by the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the U.K..

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