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Explanatory Statement by Chinese Ambassador Wang Guangya on the Vote on Security Council Resolution on Darfur, Sudan


Mr. President,

The Darfur issue has attracted world attention and remained as one of top items on Security Council's agenda. The African Union, at the request of the Government of the Sudan, has put in enormous energy and efforts to help stabilize the situation in Darfur. China has all along highly commended and supported its endeavor. According to the African Union's decision, after consulting with and upon the agreement by the Government of National Unity, the United Nations will take over AMIS in carrying out the mission in the region. China is in favor of replacing AMIS with UN operation. This is a good idea and realistic option, and it will help improve the situation on the ground and serve the interests of all parties. We therefore support, with the consent of the Government of National Unity, to deploy UN troops in Darfur as soon as feasible. We also agree that the Security Council needs to make necessary decision at an early date, so as to effectively fulfill the responsibilities set forth in the UN Charter and assist the Government of National Unity in achieving comprehensive and lasting peace and stability in Darfur.

Mr. President,

The Darfur Peace Agreement concluded in May this year has instilled new dynamics and offered new opportunities for resolving the Darfur issue. Unfortunately, the good momentum was not fully used by the parties involved, and the provisions of the Agreement failed to yield peace yet. What is more alarming is that the security situation and the humanitarian condition in Darfur have become further deteriorated. AMIS, as the only peace-keeping force in Darfur, shoulders arduous tasks and is also confronted with enormous difficulties. To ease the situation on the ground and difficulties faced by AMIS, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has put forward some very good recommendations, and the League of Arab States has also expressed willingness to finance AMIS. The Security Council should attach great importance to this, give full play to the initiatives of various regional organizations, help AMIS overcome difficulties so that it will be able to continue the peace-keeping mission and ease tension in Darfur in a timely and effective manner.

Mr. President,

To address and resolve the Darfur crisis, we need to bear in mind both the sense of urgency and sober assessment of the complexity. We need to demonstrate both the firm determination and corresponding patience, as well as effective approach. Transition of AMIS to a UN mission is a good and pragmatic option. Such transition can only be possible and the mission can

only be deployed when the consent of the Government of National Unity is obtained. This is the understanding and decision of the African Union and the Security Council respectively.

In order to clear each other's doubts and deepen mutual understanding, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has proposed holding a direct high-level dialogue at the Security Council among parties involved. This is a constructive initiative endorsed by all Council members. While it is hopeful to conduct such dialogue in early September, we deem it unnecessary for the Security Council to put the draft to the vote in a hurry, so as to help create good atmosphere among the stake holders and conducive environment for smooth implementation of the resolution. We feel that under the current circumstances, to push the adoption by the Council will not help the smooth implementation of the resolution, and will not help stop further deterioration of the situation in Darfur. On the contrary, it may trigger further misunderstanding and confrontation from the country directly involved and even cause problems on implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) process. This is obviously not the intended outcome of the Council in adopting this resolution.

Having participated in all the consultation process with a constructive manner, China agreed upon or accepted almost all contents of the resolution. However, we have consistently urged the cosponsors to clearly put in "with

the consent of the Government of National Unity", a fixed and standardized term of the Council on deploying UN missions, to the text of the resolution. We have also urged the cosponsors to carefully reconsider the timing of vote. Regrettably, the cosponsors have failed to earnestly heed to China's sincere efforts. Due to our principal reservations on the timing of vote and the text itself, China cannot but abstain from the vote.

Mr. President,

Finally, I wish to reiterate that China continues to support firmly the peace process in Sudan and the relevant decisions of the African Union in this regard. We call upon all major parties to act in a good faith, show mutual respect and understanding, continue to conduct frank dialogue, increase mutual trust and reinforce cooperation, so as to create good political conditions for the final settlement of the Darfur issue. China is willing and ready to make its own effort to this end.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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