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Li Zhaoxing Meets with Prime Minister of Dominica and German Foreign Minister
(26 September 2004)

Li Zhaoxing meets with German Foreign Minster Fischer

On Septermber 26 (local time), Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing who was heading the Chinese delegation to the 59th UN General Assembly met with Prime Minister Skerrit of Dominica and Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Fischer of Germany in New York.

When meeting with Prime Minister Skerrit, Li said that since the two countries established diplomatic ties last March, bilateral relations had been developing smoothly. It has been proved that the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Dominica was a correct decision and was in line with the common interest of the two peoples as well as the trend of development in the world. Skerrit was satisfied with the development of bilateral relations and reaffirmed that Dominica would unswervingly uphold the one China policy.

The two foreign ministers of China and Germany made high remarks on the good momentum of the development of bilateral relations. Fischer stressed that Germany upholds the on China policy. The two also exchanged views on the issue of Darfur, Sudan, the DPRK nuclear issue and the nuclear issue of Iran.

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