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Minister Counselor Cong Jun Meeting Students from State University of New York

On February 13, 2007, Minister Counselor Cong Jun met with over 30 students from State University of New York at the office building of the Chinese Mission to the United Nations. Focusing on three major areas of political and security affairs, development and environment, and social and human rights affairs, Mme. Cong talked about China's proactive and constructive role in a wide spectrum of UN affairs. The participating students listened with great interest and raised many questions, such as China's foreign policy and positions on the Six-Party Talks on Korean Peninsula, Sudan Darfur issue, UN reform, peacekeeping operations and counter terrorism. Some students asked about China's political, economic and social development, including China's efforts for 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, environmental protection, gap between the rich and the poor, gender proportion, outer space test, direct foreign investment, and opening of financial services. Mme. Cong answered each of their questions. The students expressed their deep appreciation. They felt that the meeting helped deepen their understanding of China and they looked forward to working in and visiting China at an early date.

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