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The Third Round of the Beijing Six-Party Talks Concluded


On June 26, 2004, the Third Round of the Beijing Six-Party Talks was concluded at Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel in Beijing.

The plenary session was chaired by Head of the Chinese Delegation and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi. Wang Yi said that this round of talks was peaceful in atmosphere, profound in discussions, rich in content, and pragmatic in attitude, reflecting the spirit of mutual respect, consultation on an equal footing, and seeking common grounds while putting aside differences.

Wang Yi said that building on the achievements of previous rounds of talks, this round of talks reached a series of new consensus and made new steps towards denuclearization. The meetings adopted the Concept Paper on the Working Group and issued the second Chairman's Statement since the talks was launched. This symbolizes that the six-party peace talk process will proceed.

He stressed that China will and continue to engage in good offices actively with an objective and just stance so as to make unremitting efforts towards realizing a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula and creating a future featured by lasting peace, stability and prosperity in North-East Asia.

Heads of delegation indicated in their remarks that this round of talks and its achievements had reaffirmed the determination of the parties to resolve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue through the mechanism of the six-party talks. The countries are willing to continue their efforts to realize a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula in the spirit of mutual respect and expanding consensus.

The parties also highly complimented the important role of China in the talks, expressing thanks to China for its thoughtful arrangements for the parties.

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