Embassy Building

The Chinese Embassy building is located in the northwest of Washington DC. It covers an area of 10,796 ㎡ with a floor area of 39,900 ㎡ . It was surrounded by Van Ness Street to the north and International Drive to the west. The warm beige-hued French limestone is used for the exterior walls in recognition of the limestone found in typical federal buildings throughout Washington DC.

The building features a fusion of the traditional philosaphies of Chinese architecture and modernity. The south-facing entrance leads to a modern and functional interior and a Chinese-style garden in the back. The whole compound is composed of a West Office Wing, an East Office Wing and a public area where the Entrance Hall is located.

The unique and modern-look of Entrance Hall makes it the symbol of the building. It leads to a number of meeting rooms, ball rooms, a multi-function hall and an auditorium.

Landscaping is an important part of the design. The Chinese garden between the two office wings adds a touch of tranquility to the compound.

The building is designed by the world famous Chinese American architect I.M.Pei and built by Chinese contractors. It was put to use on April 1, 2009.

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