Wang Yi:Unswervingly Follow Human Rights Development Path with Chinese Characteristics

On December 7, 2017, when attending and addressing the opening ceremony of the first South-South Human Rights Forum, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese people has created a development miracle in the history of mankind and blazed an oriental trail of modernization under the guidance of the Communist Party of China. The cause of human rights in China has attained remarkable achievements that attract worldwide attention. The key is that we have been unswervingly following a human rights development path with Chinese characteristics.

Wang Yi noted that this is a path based on national conditions. China has adhered to the combination of universality and particularity of human rights, the facilitation of democracy and people’s livelihood as well as the coordination of peace and development, and found a human rights development path with Chinese characteristics.

This is a path centering on the people. The basis of human rights lies in human while the essence of democracy lies in the people. China has committed to letting the people run the country, enhancing people’s well-being as well as promoting comprehensive development of the people and common prosperity of the entire population. As for what the human rights situation in China is like, it is the Chinese people that are in the best position to speak about.

This is a path with development as its top priority. China has unswervingly implemented the concept of development featuring innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, constantly strengthened its economic strength, guaranteed that the people will have more sense of gain from the development featuring joint construction and shared benefits, and made greater contributions to the cause of world human rights, so as to link the Chinese Dream and the World’s Dream.

This is a path with the rule of law as its criterion. China has constantly improved the socialist system of laws with Chinese characteristics that takes the Constitution as the core, adhered to the integrated building of a country, government and society based on the rule of law, firmly defended the basic principles of international law with the UN Charter as the core, rejected the politicalization of human rights and double standards, and safeguarded international fairness and justice.

This is a path with openness as its impetus. China has drawn wisdom from Chinese civilization, learned widely from world civilization with an open and inclusive attitude, constantly improved its own development, respected the development path and human rights protection mode chosen independently by various countries, and advocated conducting dialogue, communication and mutual learning and making common progress on the basis of equality and mutual respect.