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Consul General Huang Ping Met with Heads of NYU and NYU Shanghai

On May 22nd, Consul General Huang Ping met with former President John Sexton and former Chief Academic Officer David McLaughlin of New York University, Chancellor Yu Lizhong, Vice Chancellor Jefferey Lehman, Provost Joanna Waley-Cohen, Associate Vice Chancellor Ding Shuzhe, etc. at NYU Shanghai, exchanging views about current China-US relations and educational cooperation between the two countries. Educational Counselor Yang Jun and Counselor for Scientific and Technological Affairs Xing Jijun attended the meeting.

Huang Ping welcomed the guests to the Consulate General and thanked their continuous efforts in facilitating China-US educational exchanges and promoting the development of China-US relationship.  He said that over the past 40 years since the establishment of China-US diplomatic relations, China and the US have witnessed increasingly close educational exchanges and steady progress in educational cooperation, which significantly contribute to enhancing the mutual understanding and trust among the people of the two countries. At present, nearly 400,000 Chinese students are studying abroad in the US, while nearly 20,000 American students are in China. NYU Shanghai, which was established in 2012, has also become a successful model of China-US cooperation on education. A healthy and stable China-US relation with win-win cooperation is the common expectation of people from both countries and the world. Huang Ping hoped that China and the US could further deepen cooperation on education and continuously promote mutual trust among the people of two countries as well as exchanges among two cultures.

Former President Sexton affectionately recalled how New York University and East China Normal University prepared to co-establish NYU Shanghai. He expressed that both schools have an international perspective on the globalization of education and firm confidence in the continuous development of China-US relations. They were also devoted to creating a high-quality international education platform for outstanding students around the world including in China and the US.

Chancellor Yu Lizhong said, it would be the responsibility of universities and the power of education to help the younger generation to learn about the multicultural world, to understand the cultural differences, and to seek consensus, which was extremely important nowadays. NYU Shanghai has already become a significant portal for the globalization of education and the convergence of multi-cultures. In the future, NYU Shanghai will further participate in China-US educational exchanges and cooperation and promote cultural exchanges and people-to-people friendship between the two countries.

On May 21st, during the evening party of 2019 Commencement of New York University, NYU Shanghai Chancellor Yu Lizhong received the Presidential Medal of Honor in recognition of his remarkable contribution to the globalization of education at New York University.

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