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Consul General Huang Ping visited Pittsburgh

On August 1st, Consul General Huang Ping visited Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During his stay, Huang Ping met with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, visited H. J. Heinz Company (Heinz) and the local Chinese community.

During his visit, Huang Ping said that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-US diplomatic relationship. The development of bilateral relations over the past 40 years has fully demonstrated that the healthy and steady advancement of China-US relations not only serves the interests of the two countries people but also contributes to world peace, stability, and prosperity. The US's action of escalating trade frictions and increasing the tariffs is contrary to the interests of the people in the two countries, and even the people of the world. It will result in a recessionary impact on the world economy. There is no winner in a trade war. Huang Ping looked forward to working together with the US to deepen exchanges in various fields and expand cooperation at the local level, to bring greater benefits to the people.

According to Huang Ping, Pittsburgh enjoys great regional advantages and convenient transportation through water, land, and air. Pittsburgh is a leader in healthcare, finance, computers, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, environmental science, and other fields. Many Chinese students study at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. In particular, Pittsburgh's experience in successfully transforming from a heavy-industrial city to one of the most livable cities in the United States is worth learning for China.

Pittsburgh and Wuhan are sister cities. They are both beneficiaries and promoters of China-US economic and trade cooperation. Heinz, who entered the Chinese market 35 years ago, is a well-known brand in China with a large market share. Heinz is a successful case of China-US economic and trade cooperation. In the next 15 years, China will import more than $30 trillion of goods and $10 trillion of services, providing new opportunities for companies from the US and all over the world. Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have location advantages and great potential for collaboration with China. The consulate general is ready to play an active role in promoting cooperation between there and China.

Mayor Peduto and County Executive Fitzgerald warmly welcomed Huang Ping. They said that China was an important partner of Pittsburgh, and it was important for Pittsburgh and Allegheny county governments to develop and deepen friendship and collaboration with China. Pittsburgh stands for openness, collaboration, and free trade while opposes trade war. They look forward to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with China in environment protection, transport, education, tourism, and other fields. According to officials of Heinz, as a multinational company, Heinz has a transnational industrial chain and research and development facilities around the world. Heinz attaches great importance to the Chinese market and firmly stands for free trade.

During visiting local Chinese, Huang Ping praised the overseas Chinese for their struggle and mutual help over the years. While striving for their careers, they actively inherit Chinese culture and made unique contributions to enhancing the local people's understanding of China. The overseas Chinese is an essential force for promoting China-US friendship. He hoped they will continue participating in and supporting the friendly ties and collaboration between Pittsburgh and China. The consulate general is prepared to continue serving the overseas Chinese sincerely.

Pittsburgh locates in southwest Pennsylvania with an area of around 200 square kilometers and a population of nearly 300,000. As the second-largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is known as "the Steel City" and "City of Bridges". It is also the host city for the 2009 G20 summit.

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