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Wang Yi on China-Solomon Islands bilateral security cooperation

2022-06-03 21:31

On 3 June 2022 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met the press together with Foreign Minister Soroi Eoe of PNG in Port Moresby.

In response to a question on China’s bilateral security framework agreement with the Solomon Islands and whether China intended to sign a regional security agreement with Pacific island countries, State Councilor Wang said that the Solomon Islands is an independent sovereign state and has the right to sign bilateral agreements with other countries. This is fully consistent with international law and norms in state-to state relations. If in the 21st Century today,there is still any attempt to interfere in the domestic affairs of the Solomon Islands and dictate terms to the country, it would be disrespect to a sovereign nation. The bilateral security framework agreement between China and the Solomon Islands is conducted in light of the request and need of the Solomon Island and through consultations on an equal footing. Its purpose is to assist the Solomon Islands in maintaining social order. China does not impose anything on anyone. That is not how we Chinese conduct ourselves. Anytime when our friends and partners need support, China is always ready to extend a helping hand. 

State Councilor noted that some media outlets are hyping up a regional security agreement China intends to sign with Pacific island countries. This is simply disinformation. China has come to the South Pacific region to build roads and bridges and improve the people’s lives, not to station troops or build military bases. China stands ready to work with Pacific island countries to expand consensus on regional cooperation, not to sign any regional security agreement. 

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