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The Moon Viewed at Home Is Brighter

--Wang Yi Extends Regards to Staff and Their Families of Embassies and Consulates Stationed Abroad


On the afternoon of September 23, 2018 local time in South America, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Suriname, went to the Chinese Embassy in Suriname and visited the staff and their families, as well as extended regards on the Mid-Autumn Festival to staff and their families of all embassies and consulates stationed abroad.

Wang Yi said that the moon viewed at home is brighter. It is Mid-Autumn Festival, Beijing time, a time for family reunion and joy of the Chinese nation. Though you cannot be with your family and friends as you are in a foreign land which is 15,000 kilometers away from the home country, you share the same moment with each other when the bright moon shines over the sea. The moon shining tonight will connect you and your family at home.

Wang Yi noted that though our diplomatic personnel often do not have time to reunite with their family for they need to station abroad all year round, they have our country, the bigger home, and people at their hearts. As General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to build a community with a shared future for mankind, we also need to bear the whole world in mind.

Wang Yi expressed that I would like to take this opportunity to extend festival regards and wishes to all staff of embassies and consulates stationed abroad and express gratitude to the families of every staff. It is your dedicated contribution that supports our diplomatic personnel to make unremitting efforts for safeguarding national and peoples' interests and promoting the cause of human progress on the international arena and at every corner of the world.

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